The Wife2CFO Manifesto


Past experiences with money, especially during a divorce, have impacted your current

We aim to shatter your self-imposed limitations and provide a sanctuary for
learning, growth, and transformation as you glide into your new life.

Our Wife2CFO program restores confidence and brings greater clarity,
one woman at a time.


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Transform from Wife to CFO of your life


The Wife2CFO platform is designed to take you through three phases of transformative growth.

You can emerge stronger and better equipped to find financial security.

So you can take care of what really matters to you.


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Meet Michelle Smith - CEO
Meet Michelle Smith - CEO


Wealth transfer – especially where a business is involved – can be one of the most complex and challenging issues faced by high-net-worth families. Our experience and best practices in engaging and educating the next generation on wealth issues can help our clients successfully transition their values, along with their assets.


For our clients, a wealth management plan is simply to serve their life plans. Our extended offerings provide the finest investment and planning products, services and managers from top firms in finance. Ultimately, we’re here to help ensure that wealth truly serves, rather than complicates, our clients’ lives.


Our clients will experience a series of significant life events over the year. We have in place specialist teams that provide clear, critical thinking, and an unmatched level of expertise to prepare our clients to meet life’s challenges – whatever they may be.