Life Changes.
Financial Security Should Not.

Source Financial Advisors is a distinctly independent firm offering experienced wealth management solutions and unique specialty financial practices that help clients prepare to meet every financial opportunity – and challenge.

As your trusted resource, our job is to make sure that your goals and financial plans are aligned for success.


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The founders of Source Financial Advisors, Michelle Smith and Kristen Niebuhr, describe their firm’s evolution, including how Source became ranked fifth in Financial Advisor Magazine’s “Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms.” Co-founder Michelle Smith is a pioneer in the field of divorce financial planning and an acknowledged thought leader in the financial services industry.

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Wealth transfer – especially where a business is involved – can be one of the most complex and challenging issues faced by high-net-worth families. Our experience and best practices in engaging and educating the next generation on wealth issues can help our clients successfully transition their values, along with their assets.


For our clients, a wealth management plan is simply to serve their life plans. Our extended offerings provide the finest investment and planning products, services and managers from top firms in finance. Ultimately, we’re here to help ensure that wealth truly serves, rather than complicates, our clients’ lives.


Our clients will experience a series of significant life events over the year. We have in place specialist teams that provide clear, critical thinking, and an unmatched level of expertise to prepare our clients to meet life’s challenges – whatever they may be.


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