Transform your future by taking back control of your life

Your divorce has cost you enough already. The Wife2CFO platform seeks to provide the tools and community interaction that can help you safely navigate your new financial situation and position you for success – today and tomorrow. We believe Wife2CFO offers a warm and responsive environment to help you learn how to manage your wealth and connects you with a powerful community of like-minded women.

Transform from a wife to
CFO of your life

The Wife2CFO platform is designed to take you through three phases of transformative growth from which you can emerge stronger and better equipped to find financial security and take care of what matters to you.

With our help, gather the pieces you need to start organizing your financial life again.
Acquire the tools to take financial control of your life through education. Learn about money in a safe space, at your own pace using a proven financial literacy program that works.
Be empowered to seek true financial independence and establish a future more abundant than you ever imagined.
Desired outcome
Help remedy the post-divorce hangover and introduce order where there was once chaos.
  Desired outcome
Develop a healthy attitude toward your finances by deepening your money skills to give you a holistic view of your portfolio to meet your short- and long-term goals.
  Desired outcome
Move ahead with a healthy, productive attitude toward your money and take your place among a support system of financially aware women.

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