Tips for Divorcing Couples

RUN TIME: 2:45

Source Financial Advisors Co-founder and CEO Michelle Smith offers her best practice tips for divorcing couples. Based on her 15 years experience working in divorce financial planning, Michelle’s simple tips have helped her clients create mutually acceptable financial settlements – even in the most highly charged divorce situations.

Empowering Female Advisors

RUN TIME: 3:00

Changing demographics and women’s natural talents at relationship management make this a “fantastic” time for women to be financial advisors. Michelle Smith, co-founder and CEO of Source, discusses opportunities and practical steps for women who are considering a career as a financial advisor.

Divorce with Special Needs Children

RUN TIME: 3:37

Michelle Smith, Source Financial Advisors CEO and mother of Dylan, who has Down’s syndrome, describes the unique considerations of special needs divorces. Michelle is passionate about educating clients, parents, lawyers, and judges on this subject.


Transparency with Diana B.: The Reality of Divorce With a Special Needs Child
By Diana Britton – Managing Editor,

Managing Divorce In The Coronavirus Era

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